HGSoftware is a custom application development house, focusing on customer satisfaction through attention to detail; making the little things as important as the big picture. We are dedicated to providing high quality applications which fit your needs and desires, be it implemented as a web-based or native application. Since 2005, HGSoftware's primary focus has been developing web applications and providing a superior product which can accomplish utilitarian tasks you did not even think your web browser was capable. We also have more than 15 years experience developing native applications for all versions of Windows and Unix-like systems. Perhaps your requirements are extreme, or somewhere inbetween. HGSoftware has extensive experience in generating multi-part and hybrid applications which have multiple web-based or native application components, or both. HGSoftware uses the best technologies to implement any project to meet today's modern requirements, including XHTML, XML, AJAX, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, C++, C#, wxWidgets and more. Any or all of these technologies could be put together to develop your solution and further your application.

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